EDC Las Vegas and Insomniac Events are stepping up their game. Insomniac Founder, Pasquale Rotella, took to Instagram to announce major news. EDC will start a collaboration with RNBW. RNBW is a new cannabis brand that is attempting to get marijuana into live events, legally of course. They will be the official cannabis flower of all Insomniac Events. Basically Insomniac is getting into the cannabis business and partnering to launch this brand. And we know, they have many events so get ready.

The cannabis is currently available throughout California at Harborside dispensaries. The long-term vision, maybe even very soon, will have it available to purchase at festivals themselves. This is a massive development in the live music world. No longer will you need to “sneak” in cannabis. Everyone who smokes has dreamed of this day, and it is very close.

RNBW is looking to exclusively integrate with live events. They have partnered with Harborside Inc. allowing them to get wide exposure. RNBW’s product offering is extensive including premium flowers, prerolls, edibles, and vapes. You can find it at a store near you if in California! Harborside will be offering special ticketing bundles containing BNBW products and tickets to EDC Las Vegas. Follow them to stay tuned!