Naeleck & Jenil Come Together With Heon Seo To Cover Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber’s ‘Stay’

Every now & then a tune comes out that catches both listeners and producers/DJs by storm. When this does happen, a slew of remixes usually follow. One such song that this happened to was that of Justin Bieber & The Kid LAROI‘s ‘Stay‘. If you’ve listened to the radio at any point in the last few months, I am positive that you’ve heard of it. Today, we bring you one such remix courtesy of Naeleck & Jenil, featuring cover vocals from Heon Seo. If you’re a fan of the original, I think you’re gonna like this rendition of it.


Naeleck & Jenil’s ‘Stay’ featuring Heon Seo starts off quick with the song’s vocals, and from the get-go, we are instantly taken aback. Despite the fact that this is a cover, Heon Seo does an exceptional job of hitting the notes that Justin Bieber hits with ease, which most absolutely cannot. He does this so well, to the point that you question if it’s actually a cover. Later in the track, we get to hear Seo’s unique vocal inflections too, which pretty much guarantees us that this is, indeed a cover, and Seo is actually the one singing. It’s great.

Naeleck & Jenil’s ‘Stay’ features some neat elements that one would not expect from a remix of Biebers ‘Stay’. I say this, as it features a playful melody, some airy chords, and an epic psytrance-esque bassline that literally comes out of left field. If you think this sounds like something you’d be into, I highly recommend you check out this unique remix. I enjoy it, and it’s something I honestly wouldn’t mind hearing live.

With a total runtime of 2 minutes, and 51 seconds, this is a tune that goes by quickly. With that said, you may want to play it back a few times just to get it out of your system. Where the original was quirky, and 80’s inspired, this one is anything but. If you’re a fan of ‘Stay’, good remixes, or Naeleck, then this is a tune you don’t want to miss out on. Naeleck & Jenil’s ‘Stay’ featuring Heon Seo is out now on Dancing Dead and can be streamed below.

Naeleck & Jenil – Stay ft. Heon Seo