Grum Returns To Anjunabeats With ‘Reconnection EP’

After his debut album and most recent EP, ‘Isolation’, Grum returns to Anjunabeats with another stunning work. It’s titled ‘Reconnection EP’ and is available from this moment here or on your favorite streaming platform.

Graeme Shepherd is a Scotsman who always has us on the lookout every time he releases new material. Plus, we know it’s synonymous with quality since his foray into Anjunabeats in 2015. Something proved in singles like ‘U,’ ‘Shout,’ ‘Shining,’ and ‘Price Of Love’. As did his Anjunabeats Worldwide 07 compilation, which charted on Billboard’s Dance / Electronic Album chart.

Now ‘Reconnection EP’ comes to generate that feeling of calm stability.

“After getting the ‘Isolation EP’ out of my system, I wanted to return to some proper dance music, whilst also looking to the future.”

Grum reconnection EP

Reconnection EP’ tracks and feelings

Reconnection EP’ is the continuation of the exploration of cinematic and ambient sounds that began with his previous work. From the complexity of songs like ‘Sparkles’, which through the darkest and most progressive sounds offers us a paradoxically bright space.

On the other hand,Invisible’ maintains a more linear set of sounds and elements that make it a techno track, being a very melodic and cosmic one. Meanwhile, Mainframe’ continues in line with the second, but without so many melancholic parts, which makes it slightly more aggressive and strident. Darkmode’ follows by maintaining that dark essence of the previous songs, although with a hopeful feeling.

You can listen to Grum – ‘Reconnection EP’ below!