San Pacho Unveils ‘The Mandala EP’, Out On Matroda’s Terminal Underground Label

Croatian-based house producer San Pacho comes through with a brand new body of work titled The Mandala EP. Throughout, it features three solo tracks following up a hot streak of powerful releases, so this only strengthens his discography. The Mandala EP is out now through Terminal Underground, the label headed by fellow collaborator Matroda. Previously, they both put their heads and talents together to produce ‘La Pasion‘, so it’s no surprise that San Pacho is back on the label.

The title of the EP hints at Pacho’s belief that there’s an intrinsic spiritual quality connected to house music. Moreover, this statement is elevated by the production and creative decisions across the body of work. With that in mind, pay attention to the groove, build-ups, vocal samples, and the way they interact. Emotion also never escapes the forefront of the 3 tracks, as the spiritual element sustains itself.

When I was creating this EP, I really wanted to implement some of the inspirations from my daily life into it. I named it Mandala EP because I got a mandala inspired tattoo when I was first starting to take music seriously and it gave me the drive to keep on grinding and making a name for myself.

San Pacho

Listen to San Pacho present us with three songs through The Mandala EP which is out via Terminal Underground below.