Wax Motif Drops Latest House Tune, ‘Thank You’, Featuring Kaelyn Behr

There are few Producers out there who’ve carved out a slice of dance music to call their own. Wax Motif is most definitely one of them. In the past, we’ve written about Wax Motif a fair amount of times. Most recently, it was for his collaboration alongside Diplo titled ‘Love To The World’. Today, we bring you something a bit newer through a tune straight off his forthcoming album Hard Street, titled ‘Thank You‘. If you’re into house music, you’re gonna want to check this one out, I promise.

Thank You

Wax Motif‘sThank You’, featuring Kaelyn Behr is a smooth tune. One that showcases the LA-based artist’s versatility within music, and not just dance music, but as a whole. Wax Motif is known for producing a wide range of sounds. This would also include numerous genres, including hip-hop to house, and even underground. While Wax for the most part established himself by cultivating the bass house sub-genre, coined “night bass,” this song is anything but.

Thank You’ features the vocal talents of Kaelyn Behr, and will leave listeners hard-pressed not to sing along to this song about gratitude for those who surround us. ‘Thank You’ is anchored by a grooving bass line, iconic house, high-hats, and Behr’s pitched down vocals. It is easy to see that Wax Motif’s latest offering is a heart-warming, feel-good song for the summer with a message of gratitude that will resonate with all.

With a total runtime of 3 minutes & 37 seconds, Wax Motif‘sThank You’ is a quick one. With that said, if you want to loop it over a few times we won’t hold it against you. In conclusion, Wax Motif‘sThank You’ featuring Kaelyn Behr is out now on Divided Souls and is streaming below.

Wax Motif ft. Kaelyn Behr – Thank You | STREAM

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