[WATCH] Genix & Ilan Bluestone At ABGT450

ABGT450 is gone but the memories will live forever on. Now, you can check out some recap videos from the event. For those that missed it, Genix and Ilan Bluestone currently have their live sets up on YouTube. Crowds flocked to the venue and pumped their fists in the air, dancing, smiling, and having such a good time.

After introducing Genix, the UK-based trance producer opened up with his intro edit ‘Libre‘. With his new album 199x out, he showcased a bunch of new tracks off there. Definitely putting on a deeper, tech-influenced tone throughout his set, we see his departure from the sound Damion is best known for. His textured, melodic trance will still be in our hearts though. The heavenly track ‘Numb‘ featuring the sultry vocals of LYCA sends chills down your spine from its transition. That track and ‘Dance It Out‘ are my favorites from his set.

“There have been so many influences [on my sound]. DJs, producers, events and the thousands of records I’ve bought over the years. I don’t try to be any one genre. Some people think I produce less trance sometimes, but if you have followed my career from the start it’s always had tech influences. I think any producer should stick to the sounds they love. If it makes me jump out of my seat when I’m making it, then that’s all that really matters.”

ICYMI: check out Genix’s set below.

For Ilan Bluestone, fans shoulder-hugged together with hands raised to the sky. He filled the air with his melodic tracks from his remix of Chicane’s ‘Saltwater‘, ‘Look At Me Now‘, ‘Rule The World‘, and more. My favorite track of his set is ‘What Do You Want From Me‘ featuring Giuseppe De Luca. Male vocals in trance give off a very timeless, classic atmosphere for trance. You can always count on him to hype the crowds up. As the sun set in the cloudy sky, the stage lights took flight and prepared the audience for the night. Bluestone’s energy-driven bassline trance tracks put you in such an uplifting mood. This is what we expected from the Anjunabeats mainstay and we can’t wait for more.

ICYMI: check out Ilan Bluestone’s set below.

So long ABGT450, we’ll see you for the next!