It’s time to get your dose of Cirez D today. A fan has posted the full ARC Music Festival performance of Eric Prydz as his techno alias on YouTube. Fans from around the world can watch the Cirez D performance, erasing any kind of serious FOMO.

Chicago’s ARC Music Festival made its debut during Labor Day weekend. For two days, attendees witnessed performances from artists such as Camelphat, Eli & Fur, Fisher, and The Martinez Brothers. In addition, festival-goers were able to see Eric Prydz perform twice, as his main project and as Cirez D.

Prydz took his techno alias to the event’s Expansions Stage, giving attendees about an hour and thirty minutes of non-stop techno. A fan captured the whole performance and provided the full tracklist from the set.

We also have a large chunk of the epic Pryda afterparty that went down Sunday night.

Watch the set videos below.

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