Above & Beyond just played ABGT450 over the weekend at the Drumsheds, London but they also released their warmup set as well. On Youtube, you can relive the deep magic of their warmup recorded in Hackney Wick. This is a Nomobo and Anjunabeats production.

It starts with Ben Böhmer’s track ‘Erase’ featuring lau.ra, on a waterfront barge riding the river as Jono, Tony, and Paavo stand, smile, and play. The vibe is smooth and chill, and it’s a perfect day. As you enjoy drone shots overlooking the city, you’re taken on an audible journey before entering the milestone show. You’ll see kayakers paddling alongside the trio, enjoying the day and tunes while other fans wave to them as they pass along. Comically passing under a bridge and soaking up life in the UK, this is a great video with great vibes.

They play tracks from Powel, an unknown ID from Fehrplay, and feature Marsh’s remix of Eli & Fur’s ‘Wild Skies’ for some extra deep sounds. Their original deep mix of ‘Almost Home’ and ‘Train To Nowhere’ provide the smooth, ambient soundscapes before they turn up the energy a little with Tinlicker & Dosem’s ‘Hypnotised’. It’s never a dull moment with A&B, as they happily bop to their loving energies. Alternating between tracks, each member carefully curated this mix with precision. It might have been a long-awaited set for fans, where the harmonies melt together into something beautiful.

Props to the film crew for capturing a scintillating performance where the trio ends the hour set with tracks from Estiva, CRi, and Leaving Laurel’s newest ‘Winter In The Woods’. From a long journey in time to a peaceful end, it’s the calm before the craze of ABGT450. Catch their warmup set below and feel the joy ignite inside you once more while watching.