Escapade Succeeds with Zero Documented Covid Transmissions


Today, Escapade Music Festival announced that there have been zero documented Covid-19 transmissions from the festival. After an 18-month whirlwind of postponements and date changes, the festival is celebrating the successful production of their 2021 festival for 10,000 attendee. To date, they have not been informed by Ottawa Public Health of any documented cases of Covid-19 transmissions associated with the event.

With one of the highest ticket retention rates in North America, Escapade Music Festival made its triumphant return to Ottawa on September 4-5, 2021, making it the largest music festival in Canada to operate since the beginning of the pandemic. Escapade Music Festival welcomed nearly 10,000 attendees per day, outdoors and spread out over two stages for over 10 hours each day. All festival goers were required to provide proof of full vaccination and follow a list of additional safety protocols throughout their festival experience.

“We congratulate Ali and the rest of the Escapade team on their incredible success safely presenting one of Canada’s largest live events since the pandemic began.”

Carole Anne Piccinin, Executive Director, Ottawa Festival Network

Ottawa Public Health (OPH) supported Escapade organizers to ensure COVID-19 prevention measures were in place at the two-day event. OPH also worked with Escapade to offer a vaccine clinic in advance of the festival for those who had not yet received their first dose. Incorporating public health measures like physical distancing, hand sanitizing stations, mask wearing, and mandatory vaccine allows employees, volunteers, and attendees to have a safer and more enjoyable experience.

During a time where unique experiences are needed the most, this demonstrates that with the right measures, guidelines, and plan in place, it is possible to safely bring back outdoor festivals and events. As the pandemic continues the Escapade Music Festival team is committed to continue its leadership and innovation in the live event industry and will continue to bring safe events for all to enjoy.