Apple iPhone 14 Rumors Hint At Complete Redesign

Apple needs to slow its roll because iPhone 14 rumors have already surfaced just a couple of weeks after their annual tech event. Now, it’s rumored that the 14 is going to be a complete redesign. We know that redesigns come every two cycles, but will this be the era of notch removal? There might even be a hole-punch camera. Perhaps even a USB-C port? Let the rumor mill churn!

Since the redesign with the X, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg stated bigger things were coming. So right now, we can anticipate the same four models: the 14, pro, pro max, and mini though the mini might get the boot too. Their annual event could take place around the same time next September. YouTuber Jon Prosser claims to have renders of the new phone, where he states it looks like a supersized iPhone 4 with flush rear cameras, titanium outer ring, and thicker chassis.

The usual under-display Touch ID murmur is still in the air but not sure if this can be done by next year or at all. Who knows, Apple could read all these rumor articles and base (or not) their designs off that. It is a year away and we cannot assume right now. Will they add more color shades? All we can expect is that the Pro models will be pricier and have all the bells and whistles. An OLED display should come with it and some sort of mega refresh rate between 10Hz and 120Hz.

Of course, we wait for the next generation of camera quality and all the expensive phone cases we have to wait to buy. iPhone 13 sales seem quite strong so we’ll see what next year beholds for the iPhone 14. This isn’t an ecosystem anymore. This is the way.

Source: Engadget