We dug through our submission page to highlight some tracks that you should take the time to listen to! Thanks to all the incredibly talented artists who submitted and continue to do so, EDMTunes is bringing you a curated list. Our team is set on providing producers a platform to have their art showcased. This is part of our ongoing series, so feel free to submit your own tracks through our portal here or Submithub!

Pegboard Nerds & Ian Urbina – Shadowlands

Marking the opening track from the 4-track collaborative EP by Pegboard Nerds and Ian Urbina, the self-titled ‘Shadowlands‘ introduces us to the massive bass world bolstered with trembling production. Furthermore, the vocal spaces accentuate the moving feeling providing further texture. Finally, the synths meld harmoniously within the production, forcefully implementing a powerful body.

Parra for Cuva – Juno (Henry Green Remix)

Henry Green breathes new life in ‘Juno‘ by Parra for Cuva through delivering a distinctly individual take. The production kicks off subtly on a transcendent comforting tone, conjoining with warm synths and tepid pianos. Within, the progressive build takes us from comfort, to movement, and even into hypnotism on bridges. Provided that, it’s a beacon of emotivity.

Stimming x Lambert – Newborn

Both Stimming and Lambert are stunning talents that have continuously pushed the boundaries of their styles. Given they’re now converging on ‘Newborn‘, unsurprisingly, the result is a magical suspended piece of music. The shimmering pianos and bubbling synths harmonize while elements dance around them with ease. Overall, this is a decadent piece by both artists and is a must-listen.

Morgin Madison x Motives – Dominion

Now a mau5trap staple name through his powerful album which also brought on a remix package, Morgin Madison collaborates with Motives to bring their combined sound onto the Colorize imprint under Enhanced Music. In addition, this happens to be Morgin’s second appearance on the label, the first being in 2020. However, it’s no surprise as the soundscapes are an easy match. On the other end, Motives brings an abundance of flavor that makes this track what it is on a sonic level.

Sidi – Love With U (CAP Remix)

Taking on Sidi‘s ‘Love With U‘ original, CAP stylistically takes things in a darker more eerie direction. This is exemplified by the tonal murky synths. However, this doesn’t sustain too long as the track quickly delves into a belting deep bass, resonating that this is a production pushing the envelope of where the original exists. Moreover, the body doesn’t repeat, bolstering a wormy synth lead that’s melodically overpowering, taking us into yet another direction.

Keep your eyes peeled on this series, as there’s a lot more to come, and many more artists to highlight.