Kygo & Zoe Wees – Love Me Now

Following the success of his recently released two-track EP, Kygo returns with track that places you in colorful cloud where positive vibes reign. The name of this single is ‘Love Me Now‘ which is accompanied by Zoe wees, which gives a special and indescribable touch to the experience.

Kygo always gives us songs that force us to feel good and discover that pleasant side that all humans have, some more hidden than others. Although it may seem like a simple matter to hear a work by this talented musician, in reality, it can remove a deep part of our being. Which is excellent, they make good songs for that and more purposes.

‘Love Me Now’ A Single To Feel Not Being Alone Thanks To Music

As always, it comes with magical moments packed into soundtracks. An example of this is the most recent single of this year: ‘Love Me Now’ which invites us to have moments of union and tranquility with the person we love. Kygo brings with this song the feeling of warmth and joy that he always brings to his productions. Although now some ideal melodies are noted to express the need to love and be loved.

Throughout the elements that make up the theme, the Norwegian sinks into the confines of his essence and returns to push his own limits. What will that unattainable limit be? At the moment, we don’t know, and maybe we never will. At the same time, it has the essential sounds in a Kygo work. Like the signature tropical house style or the manipulation of voices that sound powerful and cozy.

In short, this type of music reinforces the central message of the electronic scene and which we need a lot at the moment: you are not alone, and together we will overcome any obstacle. You can listen to Kygo and Zoe Wees- ‘Love Me Now’ below!