Kygo Releases New 2 Track EP ‘Gone Are The Days’

Kygo’s ready to take over 2021! After a couple of months, the Norwegian DJ is back with a brand new 2-track EP. In this beautiful EP, Kygo takes us on a whole new trip. It’s hard for me to find the words to describe just how amazing this new EP is. Both tracks are so beautiful, they’ll reach the deepest ends of your soul. Kygo proves, once again, that he’s more than a DJ or a producer. He’s a musician. And there’s a big difference between these two, coming from a producer himself. Kygo’s EP is titled Gone Are The Days, and it was released through RCA Records. Kygo reaches deep into his essence and pulls out something completely different.

Kygo - Gone Are the Days Piano Jam 4

Kygo’s Latest EP: A Masterpiece

A magnificent masterpiece. Far away from his tropical house sound. Kygo, however, still has a story to tell. And if you listen closely, you might find something that will stay with you forever. That’s how good this latest EP is. The DJ/producer manages to transmit his love for piano, the instrument that got him into music, in a whole new way. This is something I’ve never heard before. Something I couldn’t listen to live without crying. So amazing, it completely changes and redefines the way I see Kygo. It is true that he has given us countless soul changers before, but never like this.

I can assure you won’t regret listening to this EP. Yes, it sits outside the EDM spectrum, far far away. Still, it reminds us of a feeling we haven’t felt in quite a while. Not being alone, thanks to music. Thanks to the artists that make all of this possible. Thank you Kygo, you deliver at a perfect time, in the eye of the storm.

Stream Kygo’s latest EP Gone Are The Days out now below!