VER:WEST Returns With ‘Elements Of A New Life’

After blessing us with ‘5 Seconds Before Sunrise’, VER:WEST is back yet again. Under this relatively new alias, Tiësto dropped the dramatic and techno-heavy ‘Elements Of a New Life‘. The 3 and a half-minute track allows his artistry to truly shine with dark, melodic beats and a melancholic soundscape.

A speedy backdrop accompanies a slower, humming synth and a relaxing flute. The track continues to build as it progresses. Moreover, the synths end up taking center stage and beautifully encompass the track at the halfway point.

‘Elements Of a New Life’ is full of suspense, but manages to also relax the listener. Tiësto expertly crafted a unique listening experience, and as the title of the track suggests, a new world for us to delve into. While it’s only the second VER:WEST release, ‘Elements Of a New Life’ highlights what Tiësto is capable of, and excites us for what’s to come with this alias.

You can listen to ‘Elements Of a New Life’ below!