Creamfields Announces New Festival For Next Summer

Creamfields is gearing up for 2022. With Summer 2021 being kind of a bust for many festivals around the world, next year offers us a glimpse of hope. Creamfields will of course attempt to go on as planned during their usual August dates. But, they are now looking to have a new Summer festival in Chelmsford.

Creamfields Chelmsford will take place across the 4-day Jubilee bank holiday on June 3rd and 4th. This will allow enough time for festival-goers to reenergize themselves before another week. It will take place at Hylands Park and have a 50,000 people capacity. It will of course also have camping.

One of the stages will be the 15,000 capacity iconic Steel Yard superstructure. This venue was created for Creamfields flagship festival at Daresbury. It has hosted Eric Prydz and his insane ‘HOLO’ shows.

Creamfields posted the hype video below on YouTube to announce the new festival.