In a world where we are still fighting in order to go back to nightclubs, there is always someone with a brilliant idea. Although it might sound strange, an Australian artist set a new record for the world’s smallest mobile nightclub.

Harry Nathan and his twin brother Boonie Labrakis got their tiny project into the Guinness Book of Records. They achieved it thanks to what they called the “Doof Shed“. This building was a very particular dancefloor with measures of 1.53m x 0.74m. Despite the limited size of the corrugated metal shed, the building includes all the necessary equipment with a Focal sound system, Pioneer DJ setup, intelligent lighting, and a “Full Send” button. It is incredible that such a tiny place can contain so many clubbing elements. It also has a smoke machine, strobe, flashing lights, and lasers.

Although the idea is very original, it had a previous titleholder. Before the “Doof Shed” the smallest mobile nightclub was Club 28 in Rotherham, England. During the pandemic, nightclubs were closed so Harry and Boonie built their own, COVID-safe nightclub.

“Dance music culture continues to experience setbacks worldwide. Nightclubs keep closing at a rapid rate. The landscape became very difficult for promoters to schedule future events, running the risk of having their events canceled last minute due to COVID restrictions or sudden government lockdowns.”

Harry Nathan

In order to let people enjoy their creation, the twin brothers decided to put on a contest. They created a ballot system with the prize being an opportunity to experience the Doof Shed. All proceeds will go to mental health charities to aid those affected by the pandemic.