Shapov & NERAK- ‘Illusion’

Shapov & NERAK continue to prove to us that their upcoming EP will be a complete banger. On this occasion, they present us ‘Illusion ’ a fusion of strong vocals and deep grooves that will accompany us in our existential moments.

Have you ever felt that everything you consider to be part of your world is not real? Have you not felt part of an illusion? Sometimes we feel that life is a simulation, like a virtual battlefield to prepare for something greater.‘Illusion’ through melodies puts us in this situation, the life is about many moments that when pass you feel like an illusion, a memory of something that probably did not happen.

Following the line of their previous track, ‘Heaven‘, the track begins with a progression that transports us to that motor of reality that allows us to see illusions. Later, after the appearance of that deep, gruff voice, characteristic elements follow in Shapov’s sound. There is a deep atmosphere that instantly grabs you and those melodies that make this a melancholic and nostalgic journey.

Shapov & Nerak Illusion

The theme takes us on a quiet yet unnerving journey deep into the night. You can feel the moment the barrier that separates our dimensions weaken. We can see various things far away from physical space in this time period.

‘Illusion’ becomes part of one of the highlights of Alexander Shapovalov‘s incredible career. Having this release on the label where Armin van Buuren places his favorite songs is a testament to the enormous successes that await this young talent. It is only a matter of time to see him taking over the world with his melodic and powerful beats.

You can listen to Shapov & NERAK- ‘Illusion’ below!