Electronic R&B duo Vindata have been making a lot of noise with each release, and they finally deliver their stunning debut album, ‘…With Opened Eyes‘, via Monstercat Instinct. It runs 12 tracks deep while featuring acts such as Kaydence, Leon St. Heron, Maurice Moore, and more.

Going through the album, it’s clearly a heartfelt expression of cultivated experiences throughout their years. Moreover, the body is packed with either stories evoking lessons, all while the production showcases their sonic growth. Besides, titling it ‘…With Opened Eyes’, in a way, looking at things earnestly, furthers the concept.

“The creation of this entire album has been a long process. It really challenged us in new ways. But, it was rewarding at the same time because it personified who we truly are as artists and as individuals. We’re incredibly thankful for all the blessings AND hardships that helped get us here. And we’re humbled to be able to share these experiences with the world.”

Vindata – press release

Overall, the electronic R&B duo take us on a journey that invokes their past sounds with modern influences. You’ll find some thumping moments that call us to the dance floor while others leave a serene imprint. However, the unique grooves never fail to find their way into each song, bringing much life into their style.

Initially, Vindata burgeoned onto the dance music scene by setting up a flourishing combination of genres. Specifically, they found themselves within meshing hip-hop, soul due to their church upbringing, and downtempo electronic. Additionally, their transition into club and festival culture opened their eyes to the disproportionate amount of Black artists DJ’ing at raves, despite the genre’s roots firmly planted in Black tradition. Striving to reshape dance music’s landscape, Vindata is using their platform and their deeply personal stories on this album to uplift burgeoning bipoc creators across electronic music and beyond. 

Listen to Vindata impress on their debut album ‘…With Opened Eyes’ via Monstercat below!