Last month, we brought news of a fresh, new release by the way of the Electric Polar Bears. The tune in question was titled “Simple Things”, and boy was it a good one! The track featured vocal work from Naz Tokio. If you haven’t had the chance to listen to it, I highly recommend, that you do. Today, we bring you more news of this song, albeit in a fresh, new direction. The news is that of thigh highly anticipated remix package – featuring special renditions of “Simple Things” from some of dance music’s finest – Nitti Gritti, and BIJOU! The remix package also features a special VIP remix from our favorite polar bears. This is something in which you do not want to miss!

Simple Things Remix Package

After having given the remix package a listen, it’s neat to see how Nitti Gritti, BIJOU, and Electric Polar Bears each put their spin on “Simple Things“. Where Nitti Gritti chose to go the future bass route, BIJOU took the house road. He dished out something I’m torn between calling tech / deep house, and it’s awesome! Electric Polar Bears took the track down in future house fashion with their VIP mix. Do yourself a favor, and check them out for yourself, and see which of the three you like the most.

If you’re a fan of good remixes and especially VIP mixes, then this remix package of Electric Polar Bears‘ & Naz Tokio‘s “Simple Things” is just the thing for you! Check out the remixes below!

Electric Polar Bears, Naz Tokio – Simple Things [Remixes] – STREAM

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