Feel It – AVIRA Remix

AVIRA recently remixed the Cosmic Gate track ‘Feel It‘, giving it an interesting twist. The remix is longer and slower than the original track; it takes time to progress, but it does not disappoint. Overall, the remix (extended and regular) builds slowly with strong synths and the beat picks up in speed about halfway through. An incredible intensity can be felt from the very beginning, and it’s very apparent in AVIRA’s remix.

AVIRA’s version is an interesting contrast from the original. Cosmic Gate pieced together a very trance heavy track that’s lively and much quicker in pace. An almost angelic sounding backdrop, a trance soundscape, and soft vocals are all intertwined. The ending is dynamic, electric, and absolutely full of life.

Both the original version and the AVIRA remix are excellent. They are quite different in style and in pace, but have a lot to offer. If you’re in the mood for some trance, ‘Feel It’ is worth checking out.

You can listen to the AVIRA remix (including the extended version) and the Cosmic Gate original below!