[Interview] Alfiya Glow Debuts On Enormous Tunes With Exclusive ‘New Earth’ Release Party

EDMTunes had the opportunity to join an intimate celebration for Alfiya Glow’s recent single release. A six-minute cinematic, melodic house soundscape titled “New Earth” debuts on Enormous Tunes Records. The song is all Alfiya, from writing, production, instrumentation, vocals and sound engineering. She connects to Nora’s unique artistry, as both a musician and as a person of influence to the general pulse of dance music. Stay tuned for Alfiya’s second single on the label, rumored to be coming out as early as July 9th

Event Highlights

The “New Earth” Official Release Party uniquely curated a breath-taking and intimate live show offered to only a lucky few. Set at N360 Studios, this new venue space brings a first-of-its-kind creative space for artist across all mediums to find unparalleled synergy and exposure. The space is known as Artist Row, an IRL dance party set behind the cameras of a livestream. 

Both on stage and 1 on 1, Alfiya Glow pulls on your heartstrings with her undeniable passion for music and warm appreciation for human connection. Within six months of her new chapter of life in LA, she’s proven to be someone to pay attention to. What makes Alfiya Glow so unique and special to our scene: her snow-white, electric violin.

The N360 Group team graciously hosted the livestream event, while their media team, aka Killed With Kindness took the reins in operating the digital experience. Guests were offered an inside look into how they design one-of-a-kind festival experiences for artists through virtual stages (by way of Virtual DJ Stages), while showing off their LIVE veejaying expertise, through the surprisingly under-rated art form. An art rooted in utilizing visual design to enhance the live music experience and requiring a veejay to stay on the pulse of the musician’s performance.

Thomas Garcia opened up the night with some high-quality house beats perfect for the Groove Cruise Cabin Fever stream. His unreleased tracks offer a glimpse of what’s in store for the nearly sold-out Groove Cruise Orlando.

About Alfiya Glow [Interview]
It’s so great to meet you! We’d like to start by asking how have things been since the lockdown? Any cool projects you’ve been working on or activities you did to keep busy?

Hi EDMTunes team! So wonderful to meet you as well, thanks for having me. First, I want to acknowledge the difficult past year we’ve experienced as one humanity. [My] heart goes out to every person in the world who experienced and is still living and lingering in the hardships of the past year. 

For me personally, the lockdown has been an eye opener, a blessing in disguise. As hard as it was in every way imaginable, that time in solitude allowed me to get really honest with myself on what is truly important for me as an artist. I had a moment to discover my life’s mission. Rather than distracting myself with new activities and hobbies, I chose to spend a lot of time meditating, journaling, reading, connecting with nature and making music.

You’ve said the music industry is unpredictable but the one thing we need is raw, intricate, and powerful instrumentation. We couldn’t agree more! What inspired you to create sounds paired with the electric violin?

 So cool that you agree! Violin has been my life since I picked it up at 5 years old. And as I started transitioning from classical music to EDM it was a no brainer that she was going to transition with me. It was just the matter of finding the perfect blend between my two big loves – EDM + violin. 

Congratulations on ‘New Earth’ and its release on Enormous Tunes. That is such a great milestone. What was your creative process behind making this track like?

Thank you! I remember having a strong impulse and inspiration to create that day, I didn’t have a clear idea or a melody in my head yet. But as I sat down to write, the music began to flow and a few hours later I had the track laid out. Once I was done with the instrumental part of it, as I was listening back I heard the ‘new earth’ lyric in my head, and that’s how my vocals ended up on the track too.

From Russia to LA, how has your musical journey changed? 

Haha sometimes I think back on where I started musically and geographically and ask myself: “how did I end up here?” Fun fact, my first gig in the USA was at Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA. My musical journey has changed drastically as you can tell. It started with traditional Russian classical music training, after moving to the US I embraced an opportunity to explore other genres and learn new skills within music, and simply followed my heart. It took me to creating EDM music, sound for film and other cool projects. Most recently, I collaborated with a wonderful artist – Luna Maye, on an ambient custom track for W Hotel’s “AWAY” SPA. 

You’ve played at Electric Forest, and opened up for many international prodigious artists. Are there any other events you would like to play?

Yes, I definitely have quite a few events I’d love to experience as an artist, Ultra Music Festival in Miami being one of them.

It’s so awesome that you’ve turned it for Google, Ferrari, McLaren, Dell, and many more luxury brands. Has the pandemic affected your performance plans at all? What will your approach be for coming back to live events?

Yes, pandemic has practically erased my performance calendar. However, it again gave me time and opportunity to start fresh and get clear on what types of live events I want to do moving forward. I’m not in a rush and trust that the path to playing live events that align with my vision will be revealed to me. 

Is there an artist you would love to collaborate with?

Yes, so many! Nora En Pure, Worakls, Rufus Du Sol, Lane 8, NERVO are just a few of the wonderful artists I’d love to co-create with.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Any personal goals you have?

One of my personal goals is to travel and explore the world. I see myself healthy, happy, fulfilled on every level, surrounded by a loving community of friends and family, continuing my artistic mission that fulfills me and serves others in the highest way.

Lastly, are there any message you want to shout out to the universe?

YOU ROCK, UNIVERSE! Thank you for continuing to surprise me:)

ICYMI: Check out Alfiya’s livestream set on her uniquely designed VR stage, here

Stream “New Earth” below:

Stay plugged in to her dancefloor takeover at: www.alfiyaglow.com