Spotify HiFi Icon Spotted On iOS App By Reddit User

Back in February, Spotify announced its intention of hi-fi lossless streaming, where they would deliver music in CD-quality, lossless audio format straight to our devices. While there hadn’t been a proper timeline on this debut, we have a glimmer into it. Reddit user ‘themonarc’ screenshot several images of a “HiFi” icon on the Spotify app on iOS. Curiouser and curiouser.

What’s This All About?

It appeared underneath the “skip” button on the player interface. ‘themonarc’ even accessed a HiFi menu. So far, it displays very little including what devices support lossless audio. You can join the Reddit conversation here to see what others are saying.

What does this mean for future listening and how will it work? Will it be like Apple Music where only certain songs released have HiFi, lossless audio capabilities? Can we download certain songs from our playlists at HiFi? Or perhaps is streaming it at HiFi and listening to it in the present an easier option. For some of us, our playlists can be thousands of songs deep. Downloading it to be available offline is one good thing, but to download it with HiFi could be next level.

Will this somehow work with Spotify’s Car Thing? Since Amazon Music and Apple Music both made their announcements on the same subject, looks like Spotify is trying to up the ante. I’ve since enjoyed the podcasts made available on their app and it’s been great with all the new additions they have. However, rumors churn about this HiFi capability possibly raising the monthly fee, which could be concerning. Amazon and Apple have this for free to subscribers.

Now that we’ve got the podcasts, playlists, and plenty of music, they’re also launching audiobooks with Storytel. One of the world’s leading audiobook streaming services, this partnership will allow users to enjoy just over half of a million audiobooks. You can link both subscriptions together to enjoy all your favorite readings in one place.

Game changer?