Ultra Hit With Another Class Action Lawsuit Over Ticket Refunds

Corwin Law, a consumer rights law firm based in Boca Raton, is the latest firm to file a class-action lawsuit against Event Entertainment Group and the City of Miami. Precisely, the lawsuit demands refunds for tickets to the 2020 Ultra Music Festival in Miami. This time, it’s on behalf of Florida residents.

Attorney Marcus W. Corwin said that the cancellation of the 2020 edition of Ultra was disguised as a postponement. In fact, organizers promised an enhanced benefits package for the 2021 festival to ticket holders instead of issuing refunds. “No one argues that the festival should have gone forward, but when it didn’t, the promoters should have refunded the money”, added Corwin. Even with the 2021 event canceled, promoters still refuse to issue refunds. Once again, they offered packages for the subsequent year. Corwin continued, saying that “it is totally unconscionable for the promoters to withhold refunds for two plus years, and for the City of Miami to allow it, with no guarantees that this event will be able to take place in 2022 or 2023”.

“This is an abuse of fairness, and of accepted and proper trade practice”

Ticket Holders

Obviously, ticketholders felt like they had no say in this whole situation. As Corwin said, “if ticketholders want to attend the festival, if it happens, then they can decide and pay on their own terms”. Without the option of a refund, many think that Ultra did not do right by the consumers. One of them is Gabriella Petroka, one of the class’ representatives, who has been a “loyal attendee for many years”.  “I’m grateful to Ultra for facilitating many amazing memories. I’m hopeful that Ultra will continue for many years to come”, she said. “However, I’m also hopeful that Ultra will do right by the consumers by allowing us the choice to receive refunds and decide for ourselves how to use this money”.