Electric Forest Is Now Looking For Dates In August

Electric Forest recently announced that they’re postponing their dates this year. It looks like they’re looking at dates in August. The unprecedented move of festivals from their usual dates has all of us in a daze. Fans aren’t taking to this news lightly, but we’ll do what we must. Here’s what it says:

“Greetings Forest Family. As we are all aware, nationwide discussions related to large gatherings, vaccination timelines, social distancing regulations, general safety, and many other COVID-related considerations are evolving by the minute. We continue to closely watch the ever-changing situation with an eye to when we can all reunite. Here is what we know for the moment. HQ is working tirelessly to navigate our potential options for 2021, and discussions with all parties involved are ongoing.

If #EF2021 is to happen, it will take place in August. While we all miss each other tremendously, and can’t wait to connect again in the Forest, the safety of the Forest Family remains the utmost priority. With a little more patience, we will have the clarity we desire. For now, we want to make sure that clarity is based on every bit of information possible. Please expect to hear from EF HQ as soon as possible with a decision on this summer. – Forest HQ

At least Electric Forest is being upfront with their status. The debate on whether or not vaccines will be mandated is also up in the air. With regulations varying for different states and countries around the world, who knows what is going to stand. Having no dates is aggravating, but I think EF is just trying to make sure things go right the first time. We don’t want to go back into lockdown again. Unfortunately, this postponement could get in the way of prior plans for some. Therefore, is there a rollover option for next year for those that can’t make it this year? Would you feel safer with a vaccine mandated to attend, a rapid test on-site, or a PCR prior to leaving?

Stay tuned for an answer soon.