Pendulum Drop Powerful New Single, ‘Come Alive’

Every time Pendulum releases tracks, they are a must to listen for every electronic music lover. ‘Come Alive’ is no exception with that incredible combination of rock and electro that makes us shudder with every element put into work.

Pendulum are back with their first single of 2021, and one of the finest in their entire musical catalogue too. The iconic Drum & Bass group decided to hone in on the sounds of rock to present ‘Come Alive’, which leaves a powerful and energetic mark.

In several interviews, they mentioned their uncertainty toward publishing an album since people nowadays do not listen to them as much. Of course, there will be more singles throughout this year. Previously, they teased a single titled ‘Louder Than Words’ which is a collaboration with Hybrid Minds. That certainly spells out good news for fans this year!

Pendulum Come Alive

The track presents a fusion between dance sounds and heavy rock elements in a harmonious manner that retains the band’s distinct energetic presentation. Throughout, the production features punchy drums alongside Rob Swire‘s voice, surrounded by thundering guitars.

‘Come Alive’ follows the spectacular singles ‘Driver’ and ‘Nothing For Free’. They were released in the last quarter of 2020 as part of the group’s comeback after 10 years of hiatus.

Lastly, listen to the new single by Pendulum, ‘Come Alive’, below!