Alessandro Martire – Breath (Mathame Remix)

Mathame just remixed ‘Breath‘ by Italian pianist and composer Alessandro Martire, and it’s definitely worth checking out. This is truly an interesting remix of the original track. While brilliant, Alessandro’s version is entirely piano, and heavier and moodier than what Mathame put together.

Regardless, Mathame created a unique, upbeat electronic version. It sounds so different from the original, and much more uplifting and gentle. The duo start it off with soft synths that eventually segue into their classic deep techno sound.

The final product of this remix further highlights the incredible talent of Mathame, and their ability to uniquely create. You can listen to it below. The original version by Alessandro Martire is also worth checking out if you enjoy piano music. And if you’re into deep techno, the Italian duo also recently worked with Apple Music to release ‘Old Neural Mixtape Vol.1’.