Ibiza Open To Tourists In June

Spain’s tourism minister Reyes Maroto, appeared on television Friday to promise that the country will “guarantee safe mobility as of June.” That is of course if you’ve got your EU Digital Green Certificate. Quite simply put it’s a QR Code that shows that you’ve been fully vaccinated so you can travel.

Spain’s main mission is becoming a pioneer in bringing back travel but also showing that it can be done safely and efficiently. Maroto stated, “Our job is to position Spain as a safe destination, the country’s attributes and the trust that can be placed in Spain as a safe travel destination. The most important thing is to build trust, and this trust is gained by fighting the pandemic and by vaccinating, vaccinating and vaccinating.”

As vaccines roll out for all, hopefully soon some semblance of normal can be achieved again and the travel markets open back up fully across all boarders.