SLANDER’s When I’m With You’ Will Hit You In Your Feels

Why do they gotta do us like that man? I just finished covering John Summit’s latest track. I was feeling happy. Then comes SLANDER. Ready to hit me in my feels. SLANDER’s new track ‘When I’m With You’ is here and it’s emotional and powerful. A banger, sure. But one that really makes you feel something. Slander’s latest track is a collaboration featuring neverwaves and Synymata. The result? One of the best melodic bass tracks I’ve heard in a while.

SLANDER new track When I'm With You is out right now!

There’s no one that represents melodic bass as well as SLANDER right now, except for Seven Lions. Together, they represent the current melodic bass movement, and they’ve done an amazing job so far.

Synymata, one of the author's of When I'm With You

Synymata, one of the makers of this song, has really been making a name for himself inside the bass industry. Hailing from Milwaukee, this DJ is definitely ready to take his sound to the next level and become one of the biggest revelations.

neverwave, final author of When I'm With You

neverwaves, from Florida, is last but not least on this amazing collaboration. With one of the most original sounds I’ve heard lately, it was hard for me to figure how did he fit on this track, but now, after taking a trip through his SoundCloud profile, I think I get it. If you asked me, neverwaves is kinda like an emo Louis The Child, and yes, that’s a hint for a collaboration right there.

When I’m With You

Now, let’s get onto the track in question. SUCH. A. BANGER. Filled with beautiful vocals, crazy arpeggios, a mind-blowing drop, and a lot of ear-candy, this is one of my favorite SLANDER tracks. This is the song you want to listen to at a festival, eyes closed, arms wide open, heart open. A beautiful song, made with an open heart. Congrats Slander, neverwave, and Synymata on such a big track!

Stream Slander’s latest track ‘When I’m With You’ featuring neverwave and Synymata out now everywhere!