Jason Ross & Blanke – One More Day (with Chandler Leighton)

Jason Ross has released his first song of 2021 with this new collaboration with Blanke. The new single, ‘One More Day‘, dropped on Ophelia Records. It features vocalist Chandler Leighton. For Blanke, this is the third release of the year. In fact, his track ‘Mystery’ is out for exactly one month. He also dropped a remix of Liquid Stranger’s ‘Psychonaut‘ earlier this year.

Jason Ross has been pretty busy recently, mainly because of his weekly streams that started in 2020. He also hosted a numbered of Park ‘N Rave events under the theme he created, “The Atlas“. Despite all this, the American DJ had the time to create an exquisite piece once again, with the help of another talented name.

‘One More Day’ is a great combination of the styles of the two producers. The first drop brings all the goosebumps that a Jason Ross track can provide. He always blends perfectly the emotion of classic Future Bass’s supersaws with old-school sounds. The second one is where you recognize the hard-hitting drums and bass of Blanke. Finally, Chandler Leighton glues all the elements of the track together with her melodious voice.

It’s been a long time coming for Jason Ross since his last release, but it was worth the wait. You can stream ‘One More Day’ below.