Solomun – We Will Never Have Today Again

To celebrate 20 years since its inception, Sven Väth’s Cocoon Recordings would like to present Solomun’sWe Will Never Have Today Again‘. The label is serving up a special 15 track collection that brings together new and exclusive music. It features many artists that have made the journey.

The track itself is a techno masterpiece if I’ve ever heard one. The retro sounding synths exude a dramatic and epic groove, where the drums boldly beat. His synth work is impeccable here, reminding you of major club vibes. This song will make you dance and even though we can’t right now, you’ll envision yourself dancing to this. We miss those sultry low lights strobing on the dance floor.

Solomun masters his music, highlighting different shades, moments, and memories. Making people dance is what he does, and his emotion evoking tunes cast a spell through his performances. His energy is infectious, drawing in crowds like a moth to a flame.

As for the upcoming collection, it’ll recognize all that techno has evolved from. In the beginning, it started with an early rave techno sound in the late 80s. Through time, it expanded to include a wide range of styles. The 6 x 12″ box set will pay homage to one of techno’s finest operations. It will feature the likes of Rampa, Emanuel Satie, Solomun, Gregor Tresher, Pig & Dan, Joseph Ashworth, and more.

Jacek Sienkiewicz, Andre Galluzzi, and Daniel Stefanik bring on the dark side of techno. Extrawelt, Petar Dundov, and Sebastian Mullaert give us the soulful, melodic, and magical side. Say no more synths, we’re ready for it. They’re taking techno in a bold, new direction so get ready.

For now, listen to the first track of the collection below.

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