Porter Robinson Explains Nurture’s Inspiration

Porter Robinson dives into the inspiration behind his upcoming album Nurture. The album, set for release on April 23, has many musical and real-life aspects that Porter drew inspiration from.

Musical Inspiration

He notes that classics like ‘A Thousand Miles’, as well as innovative music techniques (like tempo-shifting voices Tyler the Creator fused into Igor) served as inspiration for Nurture. Additionally, the work of Bon Iver, Japanese pianist Takagi Masakatsu, and Japanese video game and anime soundtracks were also deeply influential to Nurture.

The 28-year-old artist is an EDM staple. His classic electronic sound and his darker, more intense alias Virtual Self put him on the map. However, Nurture is taking a unique sonic direction with the usage of authentic piano. It has a softer sound while still managing to be authentically Porter Robinson.

Real-Life Inspiration

Porter notes that he wanted Nurtureto feel more real-life somehow”. Worlds left him drained. Personal issues and being highly critical towards himself and his artistry left him in need of a reset.

Changes such as stepping away from the internet, hiking regularly, and learning to appreciate the small stuff helped immensely. Moreover, during his regular hikes, a newfound appreciation for the sky emerged, which led to the track ‘Look at the Sky’. He notes:

“Even on a day with a completely grey or white sky, it can look incredibly amazing to me. I’m so in awe of reality, especially as someone who spent their entire adolescence and early adult life believing that the internet was the most important thing. [I felt that] finding glory there would be the way I could derive happiness and only recently I started to fall in love with real life.”

The reset that Porter experienced after Worlds also assisted with Nurture. New sounds, new mindsets, and newfound passions were found to create a highly anticipated album.

Nurture comes out April 23. A recent Q+A detailing Porter’s album inspirations is below.