Terrell Carter & Emmber Unite On The Soulful, Piano-Driven Track ‘Hero’

Every now & again you come across a track that makes you take a step back, & play it on repeat a few times. Today happens to be one of those days. The track in particular? ‘Hero‘ by Terrell Carter & Emmber. After giving it a listen, or two, I honestly think you might agree with me.

‘Hero’ starts off quickly with your typical house beat, some boots & cats if you will. This is paired with some filtered chords, which are then quickly joined by the soulful vocals of Terrell Carter. Soon after, we get a subtle snare build, which leads us into the drop at 00:53. If you’re into high-energy vocal house music, then ‘Hero’ is a must-listen for you. The vocals themselves, are rather powerful, with Terell singing out the chorus of :

“You are the hero I needed
When I showed you I can see it
I told you that we can be it
You looked at me and believed it
Look around and look at yourselves
I got nothing but love for you
Oooh love for you
Got nothin’ but love for you”

With a run time of 4 min 32 seconds, Terrell Carter & Emmber’s new tune ‘Hero’ is totally worth listening to a time or two more. If you’re a fan of MK, soulful music, or just piano-house in general, then ‘Hero’ is for you. With that being said ‘Hero’ is out now on Better Together Records & can be streamed below. Enjoy!

Terrell Carter & eMMber – Hero | STREAM

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