MaRLo’s Home Invaded & Cars Stolen While He Slept

Trance DJ MaRLo shared on social media that his house in Sydney, Australia, was broken into while he and his family were asleep. The thieves managed to steal the keys to his families 2 cars and then drive off with the cars as well.

In a Facebook post, MaRLo writes:

“Sydney! I need your help urgently. Both of our cars got stolen 3am this morning from our home, they broke into our house whilst myself and my family slept, found the keys and stole our cars – I need your help to keep your eyes out and please let us know if you see our cars somewhere.”

The Trance DJ is currently asking for the help of his fans to be in search of the missing vehicles. One car is a dark grey Maserati Granturismo with black wheels and dark tints. The other is a dark silver Mercedes GLC 43 with thule roof racks. Furthermore, MaRLo is asking fans to take pictures and videos of vehicles that can potentially be his own and send them to him. He posted pictures of the cars for reference.

MaRLo shares Facebook post about house and invasion and cars stolen.