ARTY – Take Your Time

ARTY is back with a new single titled ‘Take Your Time‘, and the title is very much a motto at these times. The Russian DJ and producer blends in a soft progressive trance sound with a deep design that brings a lot of nostalgia. Moreover, the track is topped with a magical voice, enhancing the instrumental.

2020 was a busy year for ARTY with the release of several singles and three installments of From Russia With Love. He now kicks off 2021 with a sensational single, continuing the motion of releases.

As is customary with the DJ and producer, we also see a fusion between the trance sounds of old and new, which make us think about the present, but in a positive and harmonic way. ‘Take Your Time’ transports us back to a completely different world, where we can take our time to relax.

The artist maximizes the utility of the powerful vocal by giving it a wide depth. This works around the lush and swelling pads, especially considering how radiant the soundscape is.

We can also hear the characteristic ARTY percussion in the foundation of the background. Music helps us release stress and bury the bad moments a little to be in a quiet environment. Let hope, high spirits, and compassion alongside the music fill your mind, body, and soul.

Listen to ‘Take Your Time’ by ARTY below.