ARTY – From Russia With Love (Vol. 3)

ARTY is back at it again with the third and final installment of the From Russia With Love series. The Russian DJ and producer blends in soft trance sounds with hard-hitting club beats that are simultaneously nostalgic and innovative. Moreover, the EP features four tracks with collaborations with NK and Vion Konger.

2020 has been a busy year for ARTY, with the release of all three installments in one year. On creating the series, ARTY notes,

The entire album started with me and my friends working together in the studio. We messed around with different ideas, had fun, and mostly made tracks that made us reminisce about the music that took the dance music scene by force between 2010 and 2012.”


The From Russia With Love series definitely transports back to a different era of electronic music. But it also expertly fuses old and new, as ARTY creates three refreshing volumes of dance music that are making waves in 2020.

Listen to From Russia With Love (Vol. 3) below.