Yotto Makes His Debut On Siamese With ‘Observer’

The heartthrob of house, Yotto, returns with a new single titled ‘Observer‘. This release is part of the Siamese Anthology III compilation, which combines an array of tracks that Adriatique were playing mostly before the pandemic started. On ‘Observer’, this arrives as the follow-up to some successful releases as ‘Buggy‘ and ‘Rogue‘.

Siamese is a label that has a diverse catalog of music, constantly pushing boundaries.

Observer by Yotto might be the track of the pack which is in our library the longest. Yotto is known for his work all around the world, although we are sure ‘Observer’ will still gain him even more listeners. Some wonderful memories were made to this song.


The song gives a blissful moment with delightful melodies and a masterful atmosphere. In addition, a smooth, driving bass line propels the piece while synths layer and build on each other.

The initial rhythm fades and we get a brighter tone. Although it is a relaxed- deep record, actually you never know what you are going to expect. That seemingly shape-shifting character of the song makes listening to it an unbeatable experience, which envelops us in a world built by the track.

Finally, you can listen to Yotto’s debut on Siamese, ‘Observer’, below!