Armin van Buuren, Avalan Drop Emotional Track ‘Should I Wait’

Armin van Buuren has graced us with more than a dozen singles this quarantine year and his latest, released on Friday, is the most emotion-charged one yet. Called ‘Should I Wait,’ it is a beautifully written acoustic track featuring soulful vocals by Dutch record producer Avalan. It is the second collaboration between the Dutchmen. They teamed up for ‘Sucker For Love,’ the first track on Armin’s seventh studio album Balance. And it was actually on the cross-country United States Balance bus tour, right before the coronavirus outbreak, that Armin and Avalan created ‘Should I Wait.’

“‘Should I Wait’ is written during my ‘Balance’ bus tour in the US in the beginning of 2020, in a time where we were going through a rollercoaster of emotions,” Armin wrote on social media. “Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!”

The tune starts with soft piano notes. Avalan belts out in the chorus, “Should I wait, for you? I wish you’d ask me to, Even if it hurts me, I’m dying to know, Do you want me to let you go? Or should I wait, for you?” In the final chorus, the piano and instruments build perfectly. As Avalan’s voice trails off, the listener is left wanting a repeat. Armin continues to display his range and versatility as a legendary producer, and this is no exception. It is another masterpiece for the producer behind ‘This Is What It Feels Like‘ and “Something Real.’  

‘Wait’ For The Remixes

The track debuted on the trance icon’s A State Of Trance 993 radio show on Thursday, with Avalan singing live in the studio. We can’t wait for the remixes. It is bound to give chills and all the feels when Armin drops this live in the hopefully near future. 

Listen to ‘Should I Wait’ on Spotify or YouTube below.