Upload Custom Playlist Cover Art with Spotify Mobile App

As we approach the end of the year, it’s the perfect time to put together a custom playlist with all of your top songs. Add a unique cover image to your playlists and it’s ready to share with friends. Current Spotify users will have an easier time creating their playlists, thanks to a new update. Now, users are able to upload custom playlist covers on their mobile devices.

Thankfully, users with premium and free subscriptions will be able to take advantage of this feature. Originally, users had sign in on a desktop computer to add custom covers. This mobile capability will help those who are traveling frequently or create album art on their phone or tablet.

Before trying to edit your playlist cover art, check that your Spotify app is upgraded with the latest version. Nonetheless, the update will be sent out simultaneously for Apple and Android devices.

Once you’re sure Spotify is up to date on your phone, you’ll be able to head to your playlists. If you already have a playlist created, tap the three dot menu on the playlist. From here, you can tap ‘Edit’ and finally, ‘Change Image’. You’ll be able to upload pretty much any image from your device. Unfortunately, animated images like gifs are not supported at the moment.

All in all, custom cover art is a great way to set the tone for all of your playlists. Make them unique and have fun with sharing them with friends and family. Lastly, for more in depth instructions on the process, read Spotify’s official information page here.