Tommy Trash Amazes Us with His Remix of deadmau5′ ‘Bridged By A Lightwave’

Tommy Trash returns from his undefined hiatus to deliver us an incredible remix to ‘Bridged By A Lightwave‘ by Deadmau5. A progressive remix that reminds us all that better times are coming for every person alive on this planet.

Deadmau5 always gives us plenty to talk about when he releases new music and ‘Bridged By A Lightwave’ is no exception. The single, one of deadmau5’s heaviest electro releases in recent years, has been well-received as one of his best tracks.

The single isn’t coming alone, a music video amazes the incredible music quality. In the present pandemic environment, where shows are few and far between, the video is nostalgic and, simultaneously, a reminder of better times to come on the other side.

Bridged by a lightwave remix

Now, they even surprise us more with the return of one of the most prolific and famous electronic music artists of these times: Tommy Trash. His remix of deadmau5′ The Veldt went on to become a staple in Joel’s live sets, and with good reason.

The original mix of the track maintains the original essence of Deadmau5, the one who wowed us in the late 2000s with ‘Strobe‘. At the same time, it has a very characteristic house essence in Tommy Trash. This is the one that takes us back to the golden age of electronic festival music with a nostalgic touch.

Rest assured that you will enjoy this remix. This enhances the original essence along with vibes that remind us of better times. You can listen to this ‘Bridged by a lightwave’ remix below!