Native Instruments Products Could be Damaged From macOS Big Sur

Apple recently released macOS Big Sur and with it came several great features for Mac users. Unfortunately, there is already reports that the update is causing some issues, specifically in the music community. In fact, Native Instruments has warned artists that macOS Big Sur could potentially damage equipment. Native Instruments states that “Using a Traktor Kontrol S4 Mk3 on macOS 11 (Big Sur) can cause malfunction and potentially damage your controller”.

“We are working together with Apple to find a solution to this problem.”

It’s not uncommon for new operating systems to cause minor compatibility issues with existing software but to damage a connected device is concerning. Native Instruments has said that while using their Maschine Mk2 or Mikro Mk2, high CPU spikes can occur on your computer. It’s not clear why this is happening or how long it will take to resolve with Apple.

In addition, some of the companies older products are not compatible with macOS Big Sur. Be sure to check if your products are still compatible if you are considering to update your Mac. On top of the OS update, Apple’s new M1 chip brings more uncertainty to artists. Native Instruments has stated on their website that their products are not supported with the new M1 chip.

Nonetheless, with the risk of damaging your equipment or losing personal information, it’s best to avoid macOS Big Sur if you are using Native Instruments equipment. It’s going to take some time to smooth out the compatibility issues for each product. You can read more about the compatibility issues on Native Instruments page here.