Solomun and Isolation Berlin Release ‘Kreatur Der Nacht’

Following the success with his track ‘Home‘ reaching the Beatport top 100, Solomun presents ‘Kreatur Der Nacht‘. The name of the track translates as ‘Creature of The Night‘ and is the best title for this masterpiece, with Isolation Berlin Band post-punk touches.

As a child of the ’80s, I had wanted to make a track with this special feeling for a long time, one which is playing with the punk and new wave appeal of that time. So I was very happy that the band ‘Isolation Berlin’ and I got together last year and the track “Kreatur der Nacht” was born


Kreatur Der Nacht‘ is the second single released on Solomun’s Imprint NINL which launched last October. In this latest release, he collaborates with the band Isolation Berlin, which has revolutionized the German music scene. The union was born from the producer’s childhood desire to create a song with punk sounds of the time. And now we can enjoy this song with 90s punk influences.

Solomun Kreatur Der Nacht

Solomun- ‘Kreatur Der Nacht’ Music Video

The single’s video was directed by Golden Globe and Cannes award-winning film director Faith Akin, who explained their inspirations for the video.

“On the pursuit of distraction, we become ‘Creatures of the Night’… Mladen and I grew up in the same hood at the same time. It must have been an incredibly creative area…although all I can remember is gang-land. Our mutual dreams from lightyears ago we express in this video, but also the desire for distraction in the here and now and the departure unto a possible, not all the distant future.

Mladen mixes his signature contemporary sound with the new wave of the early ’80s, [which] also shaped me. Artifacts of this culture repeatedly appear in my work; that’s why it was a huge gift for me to be able to have a go at this epic track, visually and narrative. It is the Solomun just the way I love and cherish him, who gave me the chance to personally express myself here.”

The images perfectly capture the idea of ​​the song, already present in its title. In it, we can follow Mercedes Müller, as she plunges into the depths of the city. The images are interspersed with those of a great rave full of creatures of the night. Whether it’s a dream or not, Müller arrives at that great party.

‘Kreatur Der Nacht’ showcases Solomun’s great production skills. We may not be able to enjoy these melodies live, but artists have done their best to keep captivating us. You can play the video of Solomun and Isolation Berlin- ‘Kreatur Der Nacht’ below.