L.A. City Attorney Sues Underground Club for Millions

City Attorney Mike Feuer is not happy with underground nightclub LA Party Society. In fact, he’s suing them for $3.65 million.

The club has been active even during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is only worsening in Los Angeles. Feuer documented secret underground events happening at the club and a wide range of evidence, including five recent shootings that recently took place there.

In a livestream, he recently noted:

Beyond the bullets and the assaults and the other criminal activity, I want to emphasize that packing people into an indoor space — an unlicensed club — during the pandemic, is the height of irresponsibility.

Mike Feuer

City Attorney Feuer’s lawsuit involves nightclub manager Yves Oscar Jr. and real estate investor David Taban. David faces a separate lawsuit regarding an illegal marijuana dispensary next to LA Party Society. Yves Oscar Jr. was arrested in August on an account of sexual assault.

Attorneys asked LA Party Society to close for the time being, as well as fines for each day they were illegally operating that total to $3.65 million.

Next steps are unclear, and LA Party Society cleared their social media of all content. But the objective is pretty clear – City Attorney Feuer aims to have the club permanently closed.