Interviewing Cher Lloyd About New Single “One Drink Away”

NEW single from multi-Platinum UK-based singer/songwriter and rap artist, CHER LLOYD (Universal Music Group), “One Drink Away” captures all the un-ladylike swagger of this British pop sensation. With over 1B views on her YouTube channel, 2.1M Spotify followers and more than 20M fans on social media, CHER LLOYD was recently described by VICE as, “…funny and cutting.” Having been in showbiz since she broke on the world stage as a winner of “THE X FACTOR” television program in 2010, CHER LLOYD has gone on to global fame with her song, “Want U Back,” and DEMI LOVATO ft CHER LLOYD “Really Don’t Care,” among other releases. CHER LLOYD has performed onstage alongside TAYLOR SWIFT, DEMI LOVATO, WILL.I.AM, ONEDIRECTION and T.I., among others. CHER LLOYD’s awards include winning the 2015 Radio Disney Music Award for “Really Don’t Care” in the category of “Best Collaboration” and winning the 2014 Teen Choice Award for “Really Don’t Care” in the category of “Choice Summer Song.” CHER LLOYD’s nominations include those at the 2013 MTV (Europe) Music Awards and the 2014 MTV (U.S.) Video Music Awards.

EDMTunes: Congrats on the success of your latest single, “One Drink Away”! It’s really appealing to see a confident, modern woman so unafraid of her sex appeal and talent as a performer. To what do you attribute your swagger?

Cher Lloyd: Thank you! I felt like it was time to show the fearless, sassy side of me again. I spent many years trying not to upset or offend anyone but “One Drink Away” was the perfect way to say how I feel. 

EDMTunes: You’re a multi-Platinum, UK-based singer/songwriter and rap artist who’s a pop sensation in England and throughout Europe. Can you talk a bit about your artistic journey from your breakout on “The X Factor” TV show in 2010 to this moment? What were some major challenges you had to confront and triumph over, along the way?

Cher Lloyd: My career since being on the “X Factor” has been incredible. Can you believe it’s been 10 years? I was just a teen when my first album dropped, I’d never properly recorded before. I worked with such incredible, successful song writers and producers, some of the best in the world. I went on to release my second record, “Sorry I’m Late,” and this record is where I really started to creatively have a voice. My career hasn’t been very straightforward, and I may have put my foot down once or twice, but I never wanted to be on the conveyor belt, being a puppet to some guy in a suit. I make music because of the unbelievable amount of love I have for it. When I sing, it takes me to a different place.

EDMTunes: Your collab with Demi Lovato, “Really Don’t Care,” was one of the hits that helped propel you even further onto the world stage. You even won the award for “Really Don’t Care” for “Best Collaboration” at the 2015 Radio Disney Music Awards, as well as the award for “Choice Summer Song” at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards. That’s amazing! Do you see yourself as a role model for young ladies and girls who consume your music and videos? Do you feel a responsibility to be — or not be — any certain way in your public persona, knowing that millions of young ladies and girls are watching you and emulating you?

Cher Lloyd: My song, “Want U Back,” was really the song that changed everything for me. I ended up staying in America for much longer than planned because the song started doing so well. This was one of the best moments of my career! I loved collaborating with Demi, and I love the message the song has. In terms of being a role model, I just make sure to be 100% me! We live one life, I’m not going to live mine pretending to be someone else. I won’t always get things right, but that’s what makes us human.

EDMTunes: You’ve got some damn impressive social media numbers, and numbers don’t lie! You’re currently clocking over 1B views to your YouTube channel, 2.1M Spotify followers and more than 20M fans on socials media. What is it about you, do you think, that resonates so strongly with music-lovers from around the world? What message are you sending to your fans when you perform and when you release new music?

Cher Lloyd: It’s amazing, and I’m super grateful for every single one! But really, it’s the songs that speak. My music has always been the leading force. I love every part of the creative process and aim to be 100% authentically me on every song. 

EDMTunes: You’ve been described, in a complimentary way, as possessing an “unladylike swagger,” and VICE even described you as being, “….funny and cutting.” Compared with America’s homegrown female pop acts, do you think there’s something inherently British about your spunkiness and confidence? What fuels your confidence onstage and as a performer? What makes you so fearless as an artist?

Cher Lloyd: Unladylike? Whatever that means. I am unapologetic but that’s because I have nothing to be sorry for. As a woman, I have a right to have a voice and share my opinions, as do others. I don’t think it has much to do with where I’m from but everything to do with being raised in an environment where I wasn’t pushed into being someone I wasn’t. My parents always praised all four children on who we were and success was always measured by how proud we were of ourselves. I feel like my confidence onstage comes from the undeniable love I have for singing. I love the adrenaline rush just before I step on the stage. My legs shake a little and I hold the mic like it’s part of my super power, I just love it so much! 

EDMTunes: The music video for your current single, “One Drink Away,” is really fun! It totally makes us want to get up and dance. What was the story behind that song? What’s the story behind the making-of that music video?

Cher Lloyd: Thank you! “One Drink Away” is about being hit on, and turning them down. Sometimes people just wanna go out with friends and a have a good time instead of being pestered by some drunk fella. I find the song funny, it’s so sassy! My favorite lyric is, “ I’ve been nice for long enough / Now I’m on my worst behavior.” There’s something quite empowering about that statement! 

The video was so much fun to shoot, I wanted more of a gritty vibe, not so polished. The director and the team nailed it! We had to adapt and change a few things due to COVID-19 [restrictions] but the end result was exactly what I’d envisioned. 

EDMTunes: In 2010, you burst onto the world stage with your song, “Want U Back.” How do you consider that song now, looking back on the last decade of your career? How have you evolved as an artist? Where do you still want to go in the next 10 years?

Cher Lloyd: I love the song so much. It holds so many fond memories for me. My 2-year-old will often sing it around the house, she loves it too! I’ve had a long career. I was just 16 when it began! We can’t predict the future but I know I’ll continue to work hard and write music that is 100% me. 

EDMTunes: You’ve performed onstage with some of pop’s biggest acts, including Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Will.i.Am, One Direction, T.I. and others. Now that the live-performance landscape has been altered by the introduction of COVID-19 into humanity, how do you see the future of concerts, shows and live performances? What advice can you offer to aspiring artists looking-up to you as an inspiration and a role model? What’s next for Cher Lloyd?

Cher Lloyd: I’ve seen a lot of artists do virtual shows and I and think that’s amazing! But there’s nothing like being there, feeling the bass on your feet, the atmosphere… I truly hope that live-performances can safely happen again. My advice to aspiring artists would be to say no to things that don’t feel right, that aren’t part of your vision. Be you, there’s no one out there like you! Lockdown hasn’t made the creative process easy but I’m continuing to write new music and have lots of exciting things to come!

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