Sven Väth Attends Award Ceremony with Elon Musk And Makes Space Travel Soundtrack

The Axel Springer Awards took place on December 1st and the winner of this edition was no other than Elon Musk. The German techno producer Sven Väth had the opportunity to meet and talk with the winner of the award, Elon Musk, and shared honest opinions about him with his fans.

There is no doubt that Elon Musk is making history with his creative and original projects such as Tesla or Space X. On this occasion, the business magnate had a little talk with Sven Väth in which both personalities discussed bits of the techno scene.

elon musk sven väth

Elon Mask Speaks About His Techno Passion with Sven Väth

We must remember that Elon Musk is a huge techno fan who even hinted at holding a Rooftop party at Berlin’s Tesla Factory. On top of that, the prestigious engineer also works on revitalizing the techno scene in Germany with open-air parties.

I consider him one of the great visionaries of our time. Making a difference for all of us on this planet. But he does not stop there. He goes beyond. I was amazed at how he could address complex questions with such precision. When asked why he likes techno so much, he instantly said: “Maximum Human!” How right he is. I have done so many interviews in my career. I should have kept them minimum like Mr. Musk. Taking risks is what changes things. His courage to break through old structures, to rethink the transport system and so much more is benefiting humanity. We need people like him in our time to look for answers in an ever-growing society so that we can continue to live safely and without fear. If things go wrong. If we don’t all work together then here is someone somehow constructing a Plan B. The Moon. Mars. Elon makes them options. It is inspirational.

Sven Väth speaks about Elon Musk

The Cocoon owner Sven Väth also wanted to share with Elon Musk a Soundtrack for Space Travel compilation as a vinyl box with amazing artwork. On top of that, the producer worked with Gregor Tresher in order to deliver two exclusive remixes of Elon Musk’s ‘Don’t Doubt Your Vibe’

Make sure to check Sven Väth’s full statement in this link. You can also watch some highlights of the event in the embed below.