Camelphat’s ‘Breathe’ Featured on HBO Series ‘Industry’

Camelphat has entered HBO’s newest drama series, Industry. Airing on Monday nights, Episode 4 featured the duo’s iconic track ‘Breathe‘, which also features Cristoph & Jem Cooke.


In the episode, we see past mistakes coming back to haunt one main character. Meanwhile, another tries to adapt to his new placement at the trading company, Pierpoint. Also, a new relationship starts to blossom between two others in the circle. Whether any of it means anything to you, we’ll let you decide. But, the sultry deep sounds of Camelphat’s tune enhance the vibe and convey emotions that need to be felt.

The British DJ and production pair aren’t the first EDM artists to make an auditory appearance on the show. Jeremy Olander also made it into the trailer with his remix of ‘Letters’ by Sailor & I, featuring Eekkoo.

Nevertheless, it’s exciting to see our well-known artists get a shot in the TV realm. It looks like the show is a blend between Euphoria, Grey’s Anatomy, and maybe Succession if the writing pans out. You get a glimpse into the finance world, set between perspectives of different young adults. What do they do all day, what is the process, who actually understands finance?

Set in London, the traders spend the day trading financial securities. By night, they’re out painting the town red with fluids. Sex, drugs, and finance –mmm. The level of chaos also gives you frenetic energy while watching. The dramatization of real-life trading in the show is filled with life-or-death phone calls and PowerPoint slideshow decisions.

What’s More

Though, the soundtrack boasts a healthy blend of music from electronic UK artists and more. Bicep appeared in episode 3 with ‘Aura’, along with Crazy P’s ‘Witch Doctor’. Joji appeared in episode 2 with ‘Gimme Love’, but there is plenty more music to keep you watching.

With only five episodes left of the series, the final episodes air back to back on December 21. Keep watching for more tracks that you can add to the ultimate playlist for getting laid after trading.