Chicago fans, rejoice! The local promoters have listened to its fans to hopefully make 2021 an even better year. Yesterday the new promotion company, Auris, debuted its latest creation. Over the 2021 Labor Day weekend, a brand new house and techno (and more) festival will be happening at Union Park, Chicago.

ARC Music Festival will be a two day festival that consists of four different stages. It is unknown currently on what day the festival will start. However, that does not stop the excitement from brewing among electronic music fans.

Browsing through comments on social media, fans are already trying to predict what artists will be on the lineup. Similarly, in the announcement, the festival will play “house, techno, and more” which is furthering more talk between fans.

On the other hand, the announcement raises a few questions. From 2010 to 2018, North Coast Music Festival has been held at the exact same location and weekend. However, since 2018, there has been some talk about the future of the festival and the uncertainty of it. Following these conversations, NCMF was moved to a new location and changed to a 2-day festival. Word on the street was that the 2019 year received very positive feedback! If NCMF continues in the new location over the same weekend, it seems to be it will be a battle between the two. We’ll just have to wait and see how it all plays out. Regardless, it’s only fueling our excitement for 2021 events returning.

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