Auris Presents, a New Promotor and Event Production Company, Launches

While things seem in limbo these days, many industry professionals are using this time to look toward the future. The latest movement is for those in the Midwest (and hopefully more areas in the future)! Enter, Auris Presents.

Auris is a freshly launched and new independent event production company that is looking to introduce unique projects and experiences, events, and nightlife.

Auris Presents

Right off the bat, Auris has the keys to a successful future. The founders, Nick Karounos (RADIUS / Concord Music Hall / PRYSM / Spring Awakening Music Festival) and Stuart Hackley (Loud Crowd & former senior talent buyer for Donnie Presents) bring years of experience to the table. Equally important, Operating Partners joining the team are Carson RhoadsDom Brown, and Mike Lang. Furthermore, their team is rounded out by Garrett Birch and Joe Calderone. Both bring a considerable amount of marketing and design experience to the team.

Photo credit: RADIUS

We’re not just starting from scratch because we’ve already been in it with venues like The Mid,” a beloved West Loop venue that opened in 2010 and closed last year, Karounos said. “With everybody coming together from a lot of smaller, independent promoters and bringing different skillsets together, we have the right venues and right team to produce unique experiences and events at a variety of locations.”

The city of Chicago has sadly lost many iconic venues over the last few months. Luckily, Auris is planning on capitalizing on the remaining venues. They will produce events for the 4,000-capacity venue RADIUS which opened just weeks before the COVID-19 shut down, Prysm, and Concord Music Hall. This creation is indeed something that the city desperately needs. After LiveXLive purchased React Presents at the beginning of this year, the music industry is looking even better.

Get Ready

Be prepared to hear about some socially distant events that will be announced soon for the rest of 2020! Information can be found at Auris is a member of the National Independent Venue Association and the Chicago Independent Venue League. Currently, many are beyond excited for what is to come.