This Site Uses AI to Tell You How Bad Your Music Taste Is

When it comes to music, everyone has different tastes and varying opinions. So, having your friends critique and judge your music taste won’t result in the most honest answer. Luckily, an A.I. has been programmed to judge your music taste. ‘How Bad is Your Spotify’ was created by The Pudding, a digital publication. The A.I. was trained by the ‘two million indicators of objectively good music’ and therefore an expert on determining ‘good’ music. These indicators includes Pitchfork reviews, record store recommendations, subreddits, and more.

Since the A.I. has no feelings, it’s brutally honest about how bad your music taste truly is by analyzing your listening history on Spotify. At the end, it roasts your music taste with metaphors that will hurt your feelings and breaks down your listening habits. It’s like your Spotify Wrapped but a meaner step-parent.

If you have thick enough skin and would like to find out just how terrible your music taste is, you can find the A.I. here. In some weird and sadistic way, this made 2020 a little better. Since it brought a little extra bit of joy and fun to these uncertain times.

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