Tomorrowland Dreamville Site Threatened by Clay Pits

Tomorrowland‘s Camp Site Dreamville is located in Rumst, Belgium. The site hosts one of the biggest and best campsites for music festivals. However today, Dreamville is in jeopardy.

An active clay extraction is happening on the site. Wienerberger, a building materials supplier has started the digging of very deep wells to extract clay. 

According to Mayor Jurgen Callaerts, the entrance to Dreamville is also being excavated. 

“We are working hard to solve this, but it is certainly not easy..Both parties are important economic players. It is a difficult search for a solution”

Jurgen Callaerts, Mayor (N-VA)

While the problem seems to be only economical for the mayor, the place holds much more meaning for Tomorrowland fans, and certainly for the festival as well.

Discussions are ongoing to find a new area or other solutions, but it seems to be a difficult task.

“We, therefore, want to find a solution with all parties. We are, for example, looking for agricultural sites that do not qualify for excavation. But it is a difficult search,”

Jurgen Callaerts, Mayor (N-VA)

In addition, local farmers who have been using the land find themselves losing their activity.

“I am losing about five hectares but I knew this could happen one day because it was registered in the tenant’s permit”

Luc Mermans – Local farmer

When we think that the worst has already happened to the music industry this year, 2020 just keeps surprising us. Will we see a new Dreamville location when the festival is back? Stay tuned for the upcoming news about the topic.