5 More States Legalize Marijuana In The US

420 strikes again as 5 more states legalize marijuana in the US. The country is currently in the middle of the electoral race, but there other things to fight for. The initiative to relax drug laws across the country just took a major step. It’s important to remember this is only for adults 21 and over.

These drug measures were included in 120 proposed state laws that were on the ballot in 32 states. These laws included a variety of topics such as racial inequalities, taxes, and education. Voters in Arizona and New Jersey voted to legalize marijuana for adults 21 and over. The next step is to set up a new marijuana marketplace that will sell the product. The law in Arizona also allows people convicted of minor marijuana crimes to seek pardon. South Dakota became the first state to pass laws on medical and recreational marijuana at the same time. Voters in Montana approved recreational marijuana legalization while Mississipi legalized medical use.

This looks like a total win for stoners and patients alike. The picture looks more friendly by the day and it is promising. Amsterdam is not that far away anymore. It is hard to remember that this was illegal in all 50 states just 10 years ago.